The Leading Membership Helping Burned Out Marketers Escape The Content Production Trap And Experience True Marketing Freedom

The Leading Membership Helping Burned Out Marketers Escape The Content Production Trap And Experience True Marketing Freedom

Master content distribution with plug-and-play resources, proven frameworks, and a network of peers.

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Overwhelmed by the Content Creation Hamster Wheel? You're Not Alone.

Any marketer out there right now knows the job isn't getting any easier. You're competing for attention. You're caught in an endless cycle of content creation. You're trying to prove your worth. And you're looking to build a career you love.

If you're like most content marketers, you're struggling with:

  • The Content Treadmill: You're producing more content than ever, but it feels like you're running in place. Despite all your efforts, engagement and growth feel out of reach.

  • Content Chaos: You have a vision for your brand and business, but your content strategy feels scattered. Each piece of content feels like a shot in the dark.

  • Resource Drain: Time, energy, and resources are poured into creating content, leaving little room for strategy, creativity, and—let's face it—life outside of work.

  • Visibility Struggle: Even with a pile of content at your disposal, getting it in front of the right eyes is a challenge.

  • Chasing Attribution: You're tracking all sorts of metrics, but the connection to real business outcomes—leads, sales, loyal followers—feels blurry at best.

If any of this sounds familiar, you're in the right place. The cycle of produce, publish, and pray isn't sustainable.

But there's a better way—a way to create less, distribute more strategically, and see real results from your content marketing efforts.

Welcome to Distribution First, where we help burned-out marketers with plug-and-play resources, proven frameworks, and a network of peers to master content distribution.

"There are people from all different types of industries, and I really appreciate the group that Justin put together and everybody in it. And it's just wonderful."

Barb Davids

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1. Join Distribution First
1. Join Distribution First

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2. Access the Resources

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3. Watch Your Content and Career Thrive
3. Watch Your Content and Career Thrive

Execute a proven plan and start getting more out of your content and your career.

Hey, I'm Justin 👋

In the last decade, I've seen content marketing evolve and change.

But here's the problem...most companies are still running a playbook from 2014.

I quickly learned if I needed to get more traffic, grow revenue, and build a brand it was going to take more than aimlessly publishing blog posts every week. I had to move away from only creating content to distributing it to my audience.

I'm sharing all of my experiences (and failures) to help other content marketers get more out of their marketing efforts.

I have over a decade of experience in marketing, copywriting, and content. In the past, I led the global content team for TechSmith and ran content for Since then I've helps companies like Help Scout, Glide, and DataRobot create more effective content strategies.

Most marketers create content and don’t even bother to distribute it.

When I started in content marketing…

I assumed all I had to do was create some killer content, rank on Google, and see a never-ending flood of revenue come into the business. 

Boy was I wrong. 

The reality was that we were creating a lot of content. But for the most part, our content sat on the website, collecting a few views monthly. All the while we spun up new initiatives to try and fill the pipeline.

We were on the content treadmill.

I’ve talked to enough marketing leaders and worked with enough teams to know this experience is not unique. If you feel like you’re…

  • Surviving week-to-week instead of planning ahead

  • You’re stuck creating so much stuff that you don’t even know it all fits together

  • You hit publish on one piece and immediately move onto the next

  • Your team isn’t on the same page

  • Everything you create feels like a one-off Hail Mary rather than part of a larger plan

  • You don’t have a way to tie all your pieces together.

But if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll be stuck spinning in the content hamster wheel for the rest of your life.

I've helped hundreds of marketers ditch the old playbook and start and build a revenue generating content engine – and I can help you, too.

As a member of Distribution First, you’ll learn step-by-step how to get more ROI out of your content, get access to monthly small group coaching to help you succeed, and join a community of marketers you can learn from as you build a thriving career.

You’ll also get access to on-demand courses, interviews with some of the top marketers, and monthly livestream webinars. The Distribution First platform gives you everything you need to build and grow your content revenue-driving marketing program without burning out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I have to commit?

Everybody is busy. 

D1 is designed to fit into your ongoing content creation, not create more work on top of it.

There’s no homework and no obligations.

All content is recorded and available for replay on-demand, whenever suits your schedule.

But I will say, the more you interact, engage, and participate, the fast you'll see results and the more you'll grow. 

What do I get with my membership?

Everything is optional and you can pick and choose what best suit you, but every member get access to...

  • Live Masterclass where you’re taught by Justin

  • Interviews with the top marketers out there

  • Office Hours you can drop into for personalized feedback

  • Presentations and AMAs with industry experts

  • Resources like templates, prompts, guides and more.

  • Member Hot Seats

Am I a good fit?

Our members include both in-house marketers and entrepreneurs.

You'll be a great fit if you're sick and tired of creating endless blog posts to fill massive content calendars. And you're ready to make a bigger impact with less effort.

Additionally, you’re a good fit if:

  • You are in charge of your content marketing program.

  • You want to push yourself to grow and get better.

  • You want to be inspired and challenged to do more with less.

  • You want to get more ROI out of the content you're already creating.

  • You want to drive revenue and business impact with your content marketing. 

What areas will I grow in?

We will push you to grow both personally and professionally. The skills you learn here will go with you the rest of your career.

The 5 areas we grow in are:

  1. Awareness and alignment

  2. Planning and prioritization

  3. Building systems

  4. Optimizing for less

  5. Mastery and growth

Do you offer group rates for teams?

Yes, please email to inquire about current group rates.

Please include the number of subscriptions you need.

Do all members get access to Justin?

Every member gets plenty of access to Justin through the community, office hours, roundtables, and live masterclasses/guest interviews.

If you want a 1:1 engagement along with your membership email Justin at or subscribe to the VIP plan.

What if I want to cancel? Can I get a refund?

Annual subscriptions

The annual subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Simply submit your request via email to within the first 30 days of placing an annual subscription order to receive a full refund. 

Once we process the refund, course and community access will be immediately terminated.

Quarterly subscriptions

There are no refunds for quarterly subscriptions.

To cancel annual auto-renewal for either plan, visit your user dashboard. Your membership will be cancelled effective the end of your current term. You'll have full access to your membership until then. After that date you’ll lose access to the content included in your membership.

BONUS #1: Get my flagship course for FREE ($199 value)

Over 260 people have taken Content Repurposing Roadmap with dozens of 5-star reviews. 

Get all of this as part of your membership:

  • 12 video lessons

  • 1.5 hour duration

  • Blog Repurposing ebook

  • Distribution Niche guide

  • Social Media schedule

  • Distribution Doc template

  • Distribution Doc example

  • 3C Content Method audit

  • Content Tier Matrix audit

BONUS #2: Platform-Native Content Playbook ($97 value)

Get a system to get pull the value out of everything you create (and share it consistently).

  • Learn how to transform your blog posts, webinars, and podcasts into formats that thrive on social media and in email campaigns.

  • I'll give you practical AI tools and prompts that streamline your content creation process and speed up your entire workflow.

  • No hypotheticals here. We dive into actual examples and case studies.

BONUS #3: From Overlooked Marketer to Must-Follow Authority ($97 value)

Get the 3 simple steps marketers & entrepreneurs can follow to build an unforgettable POV

  • My step-by-step guide for developing a compelling POV that differentiates your content and attracts a loyal audience.

  • Field-tested techniques for generating endless content ideas based on your unique POV that keep your feeds fresh and engaging.

  • The most effective ways to embed your POV into all aspects of your content, ensuring consistency and clarity across platforms.